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Our Company

H-Forms is a complete system for creating beautiful landscape walls faster, with less material and higher quality than is possible using traditional CMU products. Based on insulated concrete form technology, the system enables homeowners, landscape contractors and developers to build exceptional walls with less material, a lower carbon footprint, less physical wear and tear and far more design options than traditional approaches can deliver.

H-Forms Founder

While a partner in an architectural and design firm, David Horobin was introduced to IsoRast, the original insulated concrete form manufacturer from Germany, in 1986. Mr. Horobin immediately recognized the extraordinary benefits of the product—lighter weight, faster construction, and higher quality walls with less materials, environmental impact and time required.  And the architects and designers loved that the forms are flexible enough to allow a wide range design options. He introduced the product to his firm’s clients, including Citation Builders of Northern California. After committing to 1000 tract-house foundations in two sub-divisions with the product, several code issues arose and Mr. Horobin redesigned the product to make it compatible and acceptable to U.S. Building Codes. Fast-forward to 2015, and H-Forms has evolved in complete building system with everything needed to build these exceptional walls in a single order—just add concrete and rebar.