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A complete system for creating free-standing and retaining walls

Building walls with H-Forms is simple. Just select the products you need for your project, whether a freestanding or retaining wall.

The Full H-Forms System

Wall Products

Product 1

H-Forms Foam Forms

H-Forms Foam Forms create your basic concrete wall.

H-Form System product 2

Adhesive System

Construction adhesive is for gluing H-Forms together.

H-Form System product 3


H-Zips bind foundation beam forms together.

H-Form System product 4


H-Clips suspend your H-Form beams above the ground to enable a monolithic foundation.

Stucco Products

H-Form System product 5

H-Base Coat

H-Base Coat stucco finish is for H-Forms walls to be painted.

H-Form System product 6


H-Mesh fiberglass mesh is for reinforcing H-Base Coat, H-Top Coat and H-Proof

H-Form System product 7

H-Top Coat

Use H-Top Coat for a custom color finish.

H-Form System product 8


Use H-Proof for waterproofing retaining walls.

H-Form System product 9


H-Acryl is mixed with H-Top Coat and H-Proof to bind and strengthen them.

Not Pictured

H-Forms system product 10

Alternative Finishes

H-Form walls can be finished with stucco, stone, brick, river rock and many other options.