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H-Forms develops Insulated Concrete Forms

H-Forms develops Insulated Concrete Forms

H-Forms announced full production of a new generation of Insulated Concrete Forms that was designed to compete with concrete block in many applications where no energy factor is required from the EPS foam.

The H-Form is the only ICF that can compete with concrete block and be cost-effective in applications where the R-value is not needed, such as sound walls, small retaining walls, patio walls, lap pools, fences and planters. When it is used in buildings it is even more cost-effective as it has an R-value of 19.2.

It’s lightweight: Each form weighs only 1.25 pounds and is the equivalent of four concrete blocks in area which would weigh 100-120 pounds.

Interlocking creates perfect 90 degree corners.

Installs in 10-20 percent of the time of concrete block.

Bends and cuts easily to form perfect curves.

Uses 23 percent less concrete (115 square feet of wall area per yard of concrete) than any other ICF and still meets all structural code requirements for 4 inches of reinforced concrete.

10 inches height and 10 inches cell lessens use of measuring tapes and eases height measurements. There are five 10 inch cells per 50 inch long H-Form.

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Source: Lawn & Landscape Magazine Monday, October 11, 2010

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