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Helix - Micro Rebar

Requires No Labor to Install

Superior to Standard Rebar

  • Makes concrete more durable
  • Produces concrete that’s 4 times stronger with less than half the tonnage of steel (verified by third-party testing)
  • Improves shear strength – absorbs 200% more energy
  • Prevents spalling due to steel corrosion/expansion because the Helix bars typically don’t touch
  • Reduces rebar congestion in multiple mat slabs – replaces rebar or increases spacing of rebar
  • Provides a multi-directional matrix of reinforcement 1″ long twisted high carbon steel rods,
  • Keeps any cracks small and short — meeting guidelines of the American Concrete Institute (ACI)
  • Meets or exceeds Uniform Evaluation Service (UES) Report EC 015 requirements
  • Reduces carbon footprint through reduced total steel quantity  and potential reduced concrete thickness
  • Rust-Resistant (Zinc Electroplated).
  • Zinc coating resists rust three times longer than uncoated rebar
helix micro rebar

Far Easier than Standard Rebar

  • Pours and finishes like any concrete
  • Is compatible with common curing compounds, dry shake or spray-on toppings
  • Can be mixed at the batch plant or on the job site (takes minutes per truck)
  • Eliminates estimating, storing, cutting, bending, placing & tying most rebar steel. In most Seismic areas, designs need a hybrid of standard rebar in high shear places but most can be replaced.
  • Eliminates fabricating cages for deep piers, except for shear connection to connecting beams
  • H-Forms/Helix will provide engineering comparison calculations with your conventional steel design at no charge to show you how few conventional steel rods you will need along with the Helix doses.


  • Structural Foundations
  • Footings
  • Slabs
  • Post-Stressed and Pre-Stressed floors and slabs
  • Structural Floors
  • Landscaping flatwork, driveways, airport runways and roads
  • Structural Walls (especially ICF Walls)
  • Beams/Columns/Piers
  • Bridges & highways
  • Precast products
  • Sanitary, storm and culvert products
  • Tilt-Up Construction
  • Shotcrete & Gunite!   (pumps easily, even through a 2″ hose)
  • Winery caves, freeway tunnels & reservoirs
  • Swimming Pools
helix micro rebar helix micro rebar

Savings - Time, Labor, $$$$

  • Saves 10% to 30% of cost of concrete work on your next project
  • Eliminates all estimating and the only labor needed is to sift the Helix into the ready-mix drum on site or in the batch plant, plus a 5 minute full-speed final mixing
  • Reduces or eliminates the time and expense of skilled labor to estimate, cut, bend & tie steel
  • Weighs only one-quarter of the weight of standard rebar rods for    the same job
    • Shipped in 7″x10″x14″, 47 pound boxes (45 lbs. Helix)
    • No need for the expense of semi trucks, forklifts or cranes
    • Even UPS can deliver
  • Makes  for a safer job site – reduces or eliminates:
    • The danger of vertical bars (eye injury)
    • The tripping hazard of standard rebar mats

For the Grandkids

  • Made with recycled American steel
  • Reduces your carbon footprint by 33% compared to rebar, and helps you achieve your LEED goal
  • Reduces the emissions of transport because it requires one-quarter the weight of standard rebar rods

The size of our project was over 210,000 square feet and we saved 21 days of construction time.

Helix Steel

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