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Introducing H-Forms a better way to build landscape walls

H-Forms uses insulated concrete form (ICF) technology and building methods for a new kind of landscape wall. The H-Forms system contains virtually all the materials you need to build extraordinary retainer, patio, sound, and privacy walls and features using a fraction of the time and materials needed for traditional CMU construction.

Why use H-Forms for your landscape wall projects?

Laying CMU is slow, expensive and can be bad for your body. Earn more, faster, with considerably less wear and tear on your people and the planet.

“H-Forms saved me time, labor, money, made me a nice profit and, more importantly saved, my back. I’ll never use CMU again. Imagine how much more money I can make in a year!”

Bob Hill, general contractor for 150 ft. x 6 ft. wall project built in two days

H-Forms offers:

  • Make more money in less time
    • Eliminates spread footing
    • 19 times faster than CMU
    • Quick stucco application
  • One stop shopping
  • Superior quality
  • Limited warranty
  • Near zero waste

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